Mission and working method

CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences analyses, assesses and improves the relationship between society and life sciences research. By doing so, CSG improves the way in which the life sciences meet the expectations and needs of society. The issues at stake include: what are the perceptions of citizens of the inclusion of DNA information in a database? What does patenting of genes imply for developing countries as well as innovation in Western countries? How do we involve life sciences researchers in societal debate about their field of research? Many of CSG's research projects are conducted in close co-operation with the 15 genomics centres of the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI). In addition, CSG closely monitors international developments.


Communication and research

CSG maps out the social, legal and ethical issues surrounding the life sciences. As many as 50 researchers at ten universities and institutes take part in CSG’s research programme. Communications and research go hand-in-hand. Dialogue between researchers and social or business parties forms part of the initial stages of every project. Society thus occupies a central position in the CSG research and ensures that the CSG researchers stay abreast of contemporary issues and concerns.
In all its activities, including research, CSG seeks contact with society for interaction, dialogue and education. Insights gained from research are used to improve and renew public communication and education. CSG works together closely with other science centres and educational institutions to firmly embed these communication forms.

More information about the Dutch genomics infrastructure

CSG Next 2008-2013: Results and Future

CSG was established in 2004 and funding was continued in 2008. At the end of 2013, the CSG Next programme, encompassing more than 50 research projects conducted at 10 Dutch universities, is completed. This report summarises what CSG's type of research can achieve and how we want to continue CSG's activities in the future.

For more information about CSG's activities as from 2014, please contact CSG's scientific director Hub Zwart.

In the spotlight


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