Addictive to a general audience

01 Jun 2010

The winners of the first CSG-prize are Anja Krabben, Toine Pieters en Stephen Snelders for their book 'Chemie van verslaving. Over genen, hersenstofjes en sociale zwakte' (translated: Chemistry of addiction. On genes, brain substances and social weakness). This prize has been installed by the CSG as a sign of appreciation and stimulation for researchers in the field of society and genomics who publish not only for their academic peers, but also for audiences for whom their results may be relevant, useful or interesting. The jury - existing of Wilma van Donselaar, manager Operations and Public Affairs bij het Netherlands Genomics Initiative, Ingrid Geesink, senior researcher Technology from the Rathenau Institute and Niki Kortweg, science journalist -  chose this book as the winning opublication out of 20 submitted publications.

The book‘Chemie van de verslaving’ adresesses the fascinating and ever-urgent issue of addication and introduces a multi-faced audience of professionals in the care and treatment of addicats, (ex-)addicats and their family members and policy-makers to the scienctific state-of-the-art in genetic and neuro-biological knowledge. The jury: “The book immediately attracts attention by its cover and design. It presentas a sound popular translation of scientific facts alongside expert opinions, addict' experiences, beautiful pictures and an inventory of relevant websites, addresses and relevant literature. The book has received attention in Dutch media. And it is wonderful that it is used in higher education for professionals and students."The prize winners were surprised. They received an artistic bowl made by ceramic designer Jan Wijers and 2500 euros to spent on a purpose that is connected to their book.  A good book is an addiction itself!

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