Genomics, Society and Policy to Springer Media

09 Jan 2013

Genomics, Society and Policy (GSP) will be published by Springer Science & Business Media from January 1st onwards. The journal will be published as Open Access Journal with the new name Life Sciences, Society and Policy. The future of the journal, which was started in 2005 by CSG and ESRC Genomics Network als an online peer reviewed journal, is hereby secured.

The open access scheme is based on the author pays formula. However, CSG and ESRC have covered the costs for the two upcoming volumes (2013 and 2014, by which publishing in these volumes will be free of charge. 
A new website for the journal will be launched soon, where manuscripts can be supmitted and papers downloaded. Previous volumes will be transferred to this new website and thus remain available. 

To strengthen international outreach, Karen Rothenberg (USA) and Kazuto Kato (Japan) will join the Editorial Board as senior editors. Hub Zwart (CSG) and Ruth Chadwick (ESRC Genomics Network) will stay Editors-in-Chief. 

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