Life Sciences, Society and Policy Journal

Life Sciences, Society and Policy (LSSP) is an online,  peer-reviewed, Open Access journal devoted to fostering responsible innovation and sustainable development by providing an academic forum for engaged scholarship, interdisciplinary research, critical reflection and informed discussion concerning the ethical, social and legal dimensions of the life sciences, resulting in insights, tools and recommendations for civil society, policy, industry and education. Its aim is to analyze and assess the interrelatedness of emerging life sciences, society and policy.

The journal covers a broad area of research and reflection, probing and questioning the meaning of new forms of knowledge concerning human beings, animals, plants and the environment. As these issues are addressed from a truly international and global perspective, the journal welcomes submissions from all countries around the globe on a broad range of subjects, ranging from normative or theoretical reflections up to quantitative or qualitative research and case studies and is keen on publishing themed sections as well.

Before transferring to SpringerOpen, Life Sciences, Society and Policy was known as Genomics, Society and Policy.


LSSP Journal is an initiative of CSG Centre for Society and the Life Sciences and the British ESRC Genomics Network.

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