My2030’s: Towards a biobased society

Citizens on the Biobased Economy


To what extent are citizens willing to actively contribute to the transition towards a biobased society?

Duration: October 2012 - January 2013

The bio based economy is high on the agenda of policy makers, scientists and innovative entrepreneurs. However, to make a succesful transistion to a system of production and consumption that is not longer based on fossil fuels and materials, the society as a whole should actively contribute to this transition. No bio based economy without a bio based society. So far, the role of ‘the citizen’ in the realisation of this radical transition has not been given sufficient attention. With the project ‘ My 2030’s: Living in the bio based society’, Tertium and CSG provide the kick-off for an in-depth study on what citizens think of the bio based economy and to what extent they are prepared to actively contribute to this transition.  

The core of this project is shaped by four public events, which are organized in 2012 around the themes living, travelling, consuming and working: themes that concern our daily lives. During each of these events, a pioneering entrepreneur, an established entrepreneur and a visionary (e.g. a scientist, artist or opinion former) shed their light on the theme in question. Because the public of such events usually is not a representative reflection of society, Tertium applied the concept of the Microsociety. This is a group of 25 selected and invited citizens who give their opinion on the theme before and after the meeting.  

On January 9th, 2013 the project ended with a final meeting, during which the results of the Microsociety were presented to the stakeholders of the bio based economy. The main conclusions were that citizens think that a non-fossil economy is inevitable in time. Information on the pros and cons of the bio based economy from the government is lacking, according to them. There is also need for clear regulations and powerful intervention from the government to make sure that companies make their production process more sustainable.