Valorization publications

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CSG Next 2008-2013: Results and Future

CSG was established in 2004 and funding was continued in 2008. At the end of 2013, the CSG Next programme, encompassing more than 50 research projects conducted at 10 Dutch universities, is completed. This report summarises what CSG's type of research can achieve and how we want to continue CSG's activities in the future.

Science for life

With Science for Life, CSG presents a number of examples that show how interactive research contributes to valorisation of research outcomes. From the adaptation of guidelines in medical practice using social science results, to better ways to teaching students about the complexity of biology - valorisation of societal research is as diverse as its potential users. 



Ingrediƫnten van geloofwaardigheid

Ingredienten van geloofwaardigheid (Ingredients of credibility) shows how statements about healthy and sustainable food are created and what their credibility derives from. Professionals from different fields talk about their role in communication about food. The book shows how credibility is supported and built, within companies and food science, but also outside: in cookbooks, tv-shows, the newspaper and everyday life. 
Ingredienten van geloofwaardigheid is written following a request from stakeholders in the food sector. It was edited by CSG's Frans van Dam and Bart Penders. 
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Om gek van te worden

Om gek van te worden (To drive you mad) is a booklet about the new insights on the connection between genes and psychological disorders, especially depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and schizophrenia. It also covers the question as to what these new insights mean for patients and their family. Om gek van te worden doesn't provide ready-made answers on the many questions on the link between genes and psychiatric disease, but it does offer a better understanding on the sense and nonsense of research in the field of psyche and genes and what that can mean in practice. 

The booklet is based on the results of the CSG- esearch project Mental illness, genomics and society, which was conducted between 2007 and 2009. 

Report Series

The CSG Report Series presents the results of several CSG research projects. Currently, three reports have been published in the CSG Report Series: 

  1. Genetica, genomics en gezondheidszorg, een toekomstverkenning (Genetics, genomics and health care), an exploration - Erwin van Rijswoud, Dirk Stemerding and Tsjalling Swierstra
  2. Always expect the unexpected: legal and social aspects of reporting biobank research results to individual research participants - Jasper Bovenberg, TIneke Meulenkamp, Ellen Smets and Sjef Gevers.
  3. De maatschappelijke relevantie van biotechnologische trends - Yrrah Stol and Annemiek Nelis.